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Tournament News

  • All Buddy Tournaments - Boats will be in the water at 6:00 AM and we will begin as soon as all pre-tournament informations has been reviewed.  The tentative start time will be 6:30 AM but we will try to begin earlier.  
  • One Substitution is allowed
  • Each Team will be allowed one drop tournament, Each team will take their best five tournaments and that will qualify them for BTT, AOY and a Classic birth.  
  • Any team that has already been registered and arrives past the 6 AM check-in time will be handed a written copy of the drivers meeting, get their live wells checked prior to unloading their boat, pay an additional $20.00 donation, and added to the back of the draw. If they differ and do not want to pay the $20.00 or comply with the other stipulations they will be disqualified for the event and their entry is non-refundable. It is recommended that a team call or text the Tournament Director if they are faced with a situation that might cause them to be late. However once the Tournament Director has boarded their boat any team arriving late will be disqualified any their entry is nonrefundable.
  • Classic qualification criteria:  The top 50% of the total participating teams, fishing three or more DBN Open Tournaments, will qualify for that years classic.  However, the total qualifying number will not exceed 25 total teams.  
  • Classic Payout Schedule

  • DBN BASSMASTER TEAM TRAIL (Opportunity for either the Captain or their partner to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic.)            
  • TEAM A.O.Y.
  • Qualify for the DBN Classic

 Click on logo to view the information flyer.  You can find the DBN registration form and the Official Bassmaster Team Information in Handouts.




Team A.O.Y. is determined from a 100 point system that is derived from the results of each Open Buddy Tournament.

  •  Each Team participating in the "Open Buddy Tournaments" will have $10.00 of their entry put into the Team A.O.Y. fund.  A total of 100% of the funds will be paid back to the teams.  
  • A total of six tournaments will make up the season.  The Team A.O.Y. will be based on your best five tournaments.  Each team will get one drop tournament.
  • All Open Tournaments are governed under the DBN Tournament Rules and Regulations.
  • One substitution is allowed for the season.  
  • Tie breakers to determine the A.O.Y. and B.T.T. are as follows:

o 1 ST Total # of fish weighed for the entire season

o 2 nd Total weight for the entire season

o 3 rd Heaviest weight for one tournament.

 Classic Information

·       The Classic is an entry free tournament that is determined by the point standings from the Open Tournaments.

·       At the conclusion of the season the top 50% of the participating teams, that have fished 3 or more events,  will be invited to fish the Classic.  The number of participants will be rounded up.  However the total number of participants will not exceed 25 boats.  An example:  If 50% of a 19 boat field is 9.5, 10 boats will qualify for the Classic.  The top finishing boat, at the last tournament, that didn't qualify for the classic will be eligible.  We will also randomly draw one boat that has fished 3 or more events and they will also be invited to the classic.  

·       The payouts are determined by the size of the A.O.Y. registered field.

·       $10.00 from each entry is put towards the Classic Payout.

·      The Classic will be governed under the DBN Tournament Rules and Regulations.

2020 Classic $10 from each Open Entry is used to fund the Classic Payout.  The Opens are the six Points Tournaments that are scheduled for the season.  This Payout schedule is based on an estimated 30 boats for each of the five tournaments.  Therefore the total entries received would be 150 which is equal to $1500.00 available for payout.  

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