Delaware B.A.S.S. Nation

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State Team


Top Left to Right:  Jason Vaughn, Ray Carey, Marcia Toth, Jason Toth, Tony Kibler, Greg Alexander, Larry Wigmore, Amos Dixon, Mike Morris, Andy Kent, Wil Kennington, Mark Hogan

Bottom Left to Right:  Brian LaClair, Jimmy Myers, Greg Darling, Rodney Oberdick, Brandon Forsman, Butch Van Drunen, Jason Muir, & Steve Redden

2017 State Team


Top Left to Right: Jeff (Bone Crusher) Valentine, Jeff Mandes, Greg Alexander, Bobby Smith & Mark (Big Paper) Hogan 

Bottom Left to right:  Mike Morris, Jason (Big Fish) Vaughn, Darrin Toth, Rodney Oberdick, Mike Mullett, Leigh Smith & Craig Morris    



Top Left To Right:  Grant Calloway, Ray Carey, Mike Webb, Adam Wall, Charles Ward, Amos Dixon, Jason Toth, J.R. Clark, Ray Oneal, Butch Van Drunen & Steve Redden 



2016 Delaware BASS Nation State Team

Congratulations to those who made the team and thank you to everybody who participated and supported the DBN!  




 Final 2015 SQT Angler Results

 Final 2015 SQT Co-Angler Results 



 Top Left:  Fabian Rodriguez, Josh Rhoades, Kurt Mitchell, Jason Vaughn, Bobby Smith, Andy Dick and Ronnie Littleton,

Bottom Left:  J.T. Fitzgerald, Jim Fields, Shelton Walters, Tony Kibler, Mike Morris and Brian LaClair 


2015 Delaware B.A.S.S. Federation Nation State Team


 1 Mike Morris

 2 Brian LaClair

 3 Fabian Rodriguez

 4 Shelton Walters

 5 Ronnie Littleton

 6 Jason Vaughn

 State Team Open Participation Records 2015 ST Participation.xlsx

Non Boaters

 7 Andy Dick

 8 Bobby Smith

 9 Jim Fields

 10 Josh Rhoades

 11 Kurt MItchell

 12 JT Fitzgerald

Alt: Tony Kibler

2014 DBN State Team


1. Jason Vaughn 26.31 lbs

2. Mark Hogan 21.53 lbs

3. Ronnie Littleton 20.42 lbs

4. Bobby Smith 19.88 lbs

5. Bobby Austin 19.81 lbs 

6. Shelton Walters 19.01 lbs


Alternate:  Butch Vandrunen


7. Brian LaClair 18.87 lbs

8. Mike Morris 16.96 lbs

9. Greg Alexander 16.67 lbs

10. Jim Fields 15.33 lbs

11. Tim Stump 15.22 lbs

12. Don Denault 15.04 lbs 

2013 Delaware B.A.S.S. Federation Nation State Team,  1st Place Mid-Atlantic Divisional


1. Chris Price

2. Mike Morris 

3. Shelton Walters

4. Bob Austin

5. Craig Morris

6. Greg Alexander 




Don Denault 


7. Fabin Rodriguez

8. Shea Lindale

9. Jim Short

10. Brian LaClair

11. Bobby Smith

12.  Jason Vaughn

2012 Delaware B.A.S.S. Federation Nation State Team


1.   Mark Hogan - Team Captain

2.   Jim Short

3.   Shelton Walters

4.   Roger Shirkey

5.   Mike Morris

6.   Don Lauer



Jeff Mandes    



7.   Jay Walls

8.   Don Denault

9.  Bob Austin

10. Jobe Tomer

11. Tony Kibler

12. Steve Redden