Delaware B.A.S.S. Nation



Delaware B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Clubs

Looking to join the DBFN? Here are a list of clubs with contact information and website links (if applicable). Click on the clubs links and learn how to become part of this great federation. Who know, you might be the next Federation Nation Member to fish the Classic!!!! 

 Or start your own:  Starting a B.A.S.S. Club


All-Waters Bass Club - Club President: Jamie Foy [email protected]

Del-Mar B/M - Club President:  Bobby Austin [email protected]

Eastern Shore - Bob Moody [email protected] 

Last Cull - Club President:  Jason Vaughn  [email protected] 

Lower Sussex B/M - Club President: Butch Vandrunen  [email protected] 

LSD Bassmasters-  Club President: Jeff Kemp [email protected]

Marshyhope - Darrin Toth  [email protected]

Three Ponds Bass Club - Club President: Mike Morris  [email protected]

Three Rivers - Club President:  Jeff Seamans  [email protected]  

Tidal Patterns Bass Club - Club President: Shawn Taylor [email protected]

Tidewater Bass Club - Club President: Mark Hogan [email protected]