Delaware B.A.S.S. Nation

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Archived Tournament Info

  • 2022 SQT Results, Nanticoke River
  • 2022 DBN Open #6, Nanticoke River
  • 2022 DBN Open #5, Pocomoke River
  • 2022 DBN Open #4, Upper Bay
  • 2022 DBN Open #3, Choptank River 
  • 2022 DBN Open #2, Upper Bay
  • 2022 DBN Open #1, Nanticoke River
  • 2022 BTT Results
  • 2022 AOY Results

  • 2021 Classic, Choptank River
  • 2021 SQT Results, Angler
  • 2021 SQT Results, Co-Angler 
  • 2021 BTT Results
  • 2021 AOY Results

2020 BTT Results

2020 AOY Results 

2019 Delaware BASS Nation Schedule

  • April 28th (Sun), Upper Bay, Turners Creek Ramp, Points Tournament  
Launch Order
  • May 4th,  HS State Qualifying Event

  • May 18th (Sat), Nanticoke River, Phillips Landing, Points Tournament
Launch Order

  • June 30th (Sun), Pocomoke River, Byrd Park Ramp, Points Tournament

  • July 28th (Sun), Choptank River, Martinak State Park, Points Tournament

Please respect the Park’s Request:
* Access to park will be at 4 AM.
*Parking Lights are only to be used once you enter the park.
*Only 20 boat parking spaces will be available in parking lot by the ramp. The others will be coned off.
*All other boats are to park in the grass field at the entrance
*Either catch a ride with someone entering or there will be a shuttle truck running back andLink forth
*Keep the noise level down

  • August 25th, (Sun), Pocomoke River, Byrd Park Ramp, Points Tournament

  • September 21st, (Sat), Nanticoke River, Phillips Landing Ramp, Points Tournament
  • October 6th, (Sun) Classic, (Random Draw Wednesday Oct 2nd), Nanticoke, Choptank or Pocomoke

We had 42 boat fish 3 or more so 50% is 21 boats and Shawn Taylor and Jonathan Hilman won best last tournament finish for spot in the classic and Brandon Foresman and Lusk won random draw for Classic spot that gives us 23 boat fishing classic. 

Launch Order

  • October 26th & 27th SQT, Nanticoke River, Members Only
  • Results

  • April 6th, Big BASS Event - Nanticoke River, Seaford Public Ramp
Benefits State Team
$100.00 Entry Per Team
4 periods with a winner for each period

2018 Schedule

April 14th Big Fish Tournament – Nanticoke, Phillips Landing –  (100.00 Entry)  

May 12th – Upper Bay, Turners Creek  Results

College State Tournament , Upper Bay. Turners Creek  Results Classic Standings / AOY Standings / BTT Standings

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May 26th - Nanticoke, Seaford  High School  State Tournament

July 1st – Nanticoke, Phillips Landing - Results / Classic Standings / AOY Standings / BTT Standings Tie Breakers have not been applied.

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July 28th – Pocomoke, Byrd Park -  Results / Classic Standings / AOY Standings / AOY Points 7-28 / BTT Standings / BTT Points 7-28 Tie Breakers have not been applied.

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Aug 11th – Nanticoke – Phillips Landing - Results / Classic Standings / AOY Standings / AOY Points 8-11 / BTT Standings / BTT Points 8-11 Tie Breakers have not been applied

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Sept 9th (Sunday) – Pocomoke, Byrd Park - Results / Classic Standings / AOY Standings / AOY Points 9-9  / BTT Standings / BTT Points 9-9

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Oct 20th - Classic – Random Draw for the venue will be the Friday before the event - (Pocomoke, Upper Bay or Choptank) We will drop the river fished the previous year.  The 2017 Classic was held on the Nanticoke.  

Oct 27 & 28 – SQT – Pocomoke -  Day 1 / Day 2 / Final Results (Click on Tabs at the bottom of the pages to view all of the results)

2017 Open Tournament Schedule

Classic, Team AOY & BTT Standings

2017 Tournament Application

Buddy Tournament Rules

April 29th Open - No Points – Nanticoke - Results

Launch Order

May 20th – Sassafras – Results - Results

Launch Order

June 24th – Pocomoke – Results

Launch Order  Launching out of Shad Landing, Boats in the water by 6.

July 22nd – Building Systems and Services presents the DBN's:

1st Annual Summer Bash on the Nanticoke – Results

Minimum $2,500.00 1st Place Payout, Click Here for Info

Supporting sponsor Information, Click Here for Info

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Aug 5th Open – No Points - Choptank -  Results

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Aug 19th – Sassafras – Results

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Sept 3rd (Sunday) – Pocomoke - Results

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Sept 17th (Sunday) - Classic – Nanticoke – Results

Oct 28th & 29th – SQT – Sassafras – Results  Click on the tabs at the bottom to see the full results of each day.

Launch Order Day 1

2016 Bill Hubbard Fall Open Tournament Schedule

November 13th, Nanticoke, Phillips, Results

December 3rd, Wicomico, Results

You can fish with a partner or by yourself, its a fun and relaxing day of bass fishing.

  • Entry $50.00 (Cash Only), Optional Lunker, $5 a person or $10 a boat
  • 7-3
  • Draw at the ramp

Fall Payout Schedule

Team AOY & BTT Standings - As of 8/21/2016 the top 28 Teams qualify for the DBN Classic on October 8th (Upper Bay, Turners Creek)

May 14th – Open, Upper Bay, Turners, Results

June 18th – Open, Nanticoke, Phillips, Results

July 16 & 17 SQT – Nanticoke, Phillips– Results

July 24th (Sun) – Open, Pocomoke, Byrd Park- Results

*Aug 21st (Sun) – Open, Nanticoke, Phillips  Results

*Sept 11th (Sun) – Open, Upper Bay, Turners Results 

Oct 8th - Classic - Upper Bay, Turners Results

2015 Bill Hubbard Fall Opens

*Fall Tournament Flyer*

 No Points, No Pressure, No Worries, Show Up and Fish!


  • Entry $50.00, Optional Lunker, $5 a person or $10 a boat
  • Fish w/ a partner or Solo
  • Draw at the ramp
  • 7-3 


 Dec 13 Nanticoke, Phillips Landing Ramp


Nov 15 Wicomico River


Oct 24 Nanticoke, Seaford Ramp 


Jay Walls and Greg Alexander showing their impressive 19.69 lb winning bag at the first Bill Hubbard Open of 2015!




Fall Payout Schedule 


2014 Tournament results, draws and info!!

We will be posting a link to all the 2014 action right here!! Click the links below for all the needed information for the tournaments.

Potomac Result       Potomac Photos

Nanticoke Results    Nanticoke Photos

Sassafras Results      Sassafras Photos

Wicomico Results     Wicomico Photos

Pocomoke Results    Pocomoke Photos

Team of the Year Standings  

The 2014 Team Championship

 The Delaware B.A.S.S. Nation Team Championship tournament will be held on September 20, 2014 on the Nanticoke RIver. The top 7 teams (we developed this number by finding the average number of event participants) will be fishing for the cash!! Those top teams are:




T. Stump/Boney

M. Smitson/R. Baker

J. Vaughn/Eastman


Jim Fields/Neil Wharton


2013 SQT Results

I want to thank everyone that came out and fished the SQT and a special thanks to those that helped out during the weigh in. Shelton Walters, Jim Fields, and Mark Hogan, your help made running this event very smooth!! I also want to thank my Fiance for coming down each day and getting the holding tanks full of water, the weigh in area set up and getting the weigh in slips completed. Without you this, tournament would not have been able to have run so smooth. 

Congrats to the anglers that made the 2013 team. The full field results are attached. The Day 1 Lunker went to Ronnie Littleton who weighed in a 5.53 lunker. Day 2 Lunker went to Bob Austin who weighed in a 7.41 lunker.

Here is the 2013 DBFN State Team:

Chris Price                   Fabin Rodriguez 

Mike Morris                  Shea Lindale

Shelton Walters            Jim Short

Greg Alexander           Brian LaClair

Bob Austin                  Bobby Smith

Craig Morris               Jason Vaughn

               Don Denault (first alternate) 


 Full Field Results   

2015 Open Tournament Results

 We will be posting a link to all the 2015 action right here!! Click the links below for all the needed information for the tournaments. 

April 18 Results                             

April 25 High School State Championship Results

May 2 Results                                                               

June 28 Results

July  19 Results

August 1 Results

Oct 3 (Classic)

Oct 17 & 18 (SQT)

A.O.Y. Standings  24 Boats Have Qualified for the Classic on October 3rd.


Open Tournament Payout Schedule   


2015 DBN Classic

Greg Alexander and Jay Walls win the 2015 DBN Classic.


The Classic is scheduled for the 14th of November.  

  • Boats in the water by 7:30 AM
  • Launch at 8:00 AM
  • Bridge times:  8:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 2:30
  • Invite Only, Top 24 boats qualify
  • Launch order is determined by 2015 Points
  • No Substitutions
  • Donuts and Coffee will be provided while they last! 



2015 Team A.O.Y. Standings

Members Area


No upcoming events


October 8th DBN Classic

Upper Bay

1st Place

Jason Muir & John Nichols 24.81 lbs

ig Burton Money September 11th Upper Bay Open

Jeff Semans


2016 High School State Champions

Congradulations Jackson Staib / George Carr of Concord High School!

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Search Agents:  Jeff Kemp, Coldwell Banker Resort Realty

A.O.Y. Team Champions

  • 2014 - Bobby Smith / Stuart Williams 
  • 2013 - Shelton Walters / Jeff Seamans
  • 2012 - Kurt Mitchell / Ronnie Littleton